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In creating this blog…

I am probably forfeiting my intellectual property rights to this information.

It’s okay though, because who wants to take ownership of a blog that put commas, wherever, it, wants. Uses MSN slang, omgwtfbbq!! Four exclamation marks!!!!. Followed by a period. And an incorrect sentence about a period. Then a sentence that starts with a conjunction. (My spellchecker is going mad right now) Who wants a blog that will never get picked up by academia, even though I must say, the writer is quite intelligent. Okay, so maybe I’m reaching but I have amassed a head full of knowledge about the world, mostly about what is defective about it. All this information is loitering around in my head, unused, kicking it on the couch drinking all of my heads beer, watching TV, inviting its little knowledge friends over, puking on my carpets, then having sex in the bathroom. It’s time this knowledge be put to use, it’s time for my knowledge to make new friends, good influences! I need to Jenny Craig my head and exercise these knowledge demons and share some thoughts and theories.



So here’s the real question…

Why am I so colourfully writing about the problems in the world and referencing bbqs?

It’s because I’m tired of reading about it from biased sensational news sources, or academic theories that you basically have to dedicate an entire undergraduate degree to comprehend. I want to hear about it in a language we all understand (Unless obviously you cannot read and/or speak English, unfortunately I’m only one tape into my “Every language in the world” booklet. No, the language I’m talking about is “laymen.”

Laymen’s gotten a bad rap over the years but he’s not such a bad guy when we’re talking about social justice. Laymen, in short, means laity which refers to “commoner” or “common person” Uh! “Pish posh… you’re writing to common people?”  Well, no… I’m writing to artists, writers, mothers, fathers, electricians, feminist, anarchist, college grads, high school drop outs, straight people, gay people, chefs, chiefs, boxers, briefs, scholars, ‘ballars’. If you are part of society, than you have an equal stock in social justice. Basically if you have eyes, I’m talking to you, and once my patented “brail blog” comes out all you’ll need is fingers.
This blog is my attempt to translate that revered “International Development Lexicon.” I will slave over a hot academic paper and serve it up to you garnished with a dash of humor and a lean bluntness, cut right through the fat and answer questions in their complexity astride my trusty steed Mr. Laymen. 

To put it simply: This blog is in an attempt to steal discourse from the rich and privileged (Robin Hood style) and discuss it with… well anyone who happens to read it.

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