Believe in The Gladstone Hotel

Profit Martyrdom at it's Best

This for profit company chose to pay premium dollars to support the local organic market and to offer their customers the best in food quality.

This is almost unheard of in a culture so all consumed by the profit motive.

Let's get a slow clap for the Gladstone Hotel!


The Gladstone Hotel prides itself on it's commitment to having "the best quality food." That promise to it's clientele is what drives this company to be socially conscious.

Local organic food has found it's way into every dish because of the comparative advantage that local food offers, namely; a face to face connection between supplier and retailer. Andrea Young, director of food and beverage tells us that through that connection she is able to get choice pick of fresh new crops, and have her quality assurance concern guaranteed.   

Pioneering the Market

The Gladstone's assimilation into the local organic market  was partially a response to a growing market demand for ethical food, but mostly a calculated effort. The executive chef and food a beverage department of the hotel are deliberately cultivating a new attitude towards food consumption. With virtually no food waste, (possible through donating unused inventory to local food banks) and creativity, this progressive business model is visibly ethical. From recycled material coffee cups and take out containers to a "no plastic bottle on site policy" this company screams "we care."


  • Salmon Salad


Food prices at the Gladstone are comparable to your average pub fare, however the portions are smaller and the presentation looks that of a 5 star fine dining recipe, not to mention - it's delicious. 

For the Gladstone each dish has a story - it is an art hotel after all. 


  • Great relationship with producers
  • Good quality inventory
  • Marketable space for "eco-conscious" consumer
  • Staff retention


  • Time consuming to make all components of the menu in house
  • Expensive inventory