Loblaws Sustainable Seafood Program


Sustainable Farming and Loblaw Co.

Loblaws has committed itself to sourcing 100% sustainable seafood by the end of this year (2013) 

The one thing I love about this CSR campaign is the companies admittance that they don't have all of the facts but they are determined to evolve their sourcing with research and development. In my opinion, this is an incredible way to preface a campaign; humility. 

The Issue


 Loblaw has announced that it will sell WiseSource salmon, this salmon is supplied by New Brunswick's True North Salmon Co., which is raised using "integrated multi-trophic aquaculture," or IMTA. This presents an issue as marine biologists are finding that this form of fish farming is not the best answer to sustainable fishing. 

"Like other conventionally farmed salmon, the WiseSource fish are raised in open nets in the ocean that can act like Petri dishes for sea lice and disease that can be passed on to wild fish. He added that it also doesn't prevent the escape of farmed fish."  

The most viable option currently being explored is closed containment farms that prevent the spread of sea lice and remove 100% of waste, unfortunately this process is extremely expensive.



Loblaws is at least attempting to harness it purchasing power and offer their business to the most sustainable option. The distinguishing characteristic of this campaign is that Loblaws has a long term investment in this process and has committed to adopt prevailing research in their purchasing processes. 

As a consumer is important to take from this:

1.  Loblaws has set their benchmark for sourcing 100% sustainable sea-food by the end of 2013 - this is an ambitious deadline considering the extensive research and monitoring required. 

2. WiseSource salmon presently is not 100% sustainable

3. As consumers we need to monitor this process and be vocal about our awareness and to advocate for this project to continue along a progressive learning path.  

In the interim David Suzuki has publicized the following guide for consumers to make the best choice at this current time.