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The Situation: 

A devastating fire destroyed a factory near Dhaka on April 24 2013 causing the death of aprox 1000 workers. Since then another fire has taken 8 more lives in a second factory fire in Dhaka. 

Twenty eight brands supplied by Rana Plaza were invited to two days of meetings with the United Nations but only nine attended. 

The Global Unions Industry ALL and UNI, Bangladeshi unions, and labor rights NGOs have been campaigning to convince major apparel brands to sign the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh in order to prevent similar disasters from happening in the future.

Unlike voluntary codes of conduct and company-controlled factory auditing programs, the Accord is a legally binding agreement signed by the Global and Bangladeshi unions and the brands and retailers, with four labor rights NGOs signing as witnesses. To date, over 100 major brands and retailers from Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and Japan have signed the Accord. However, only one Canadian company – Loblaws – has become a signatory

What is the difference?  

The Accord

  • Safety inspections
  • Fire safety training
  • A steering committee comprised of: trade union, company representative, International Labour Organization.
  • Dispute resolution  
  • Advisory board for constructive dialogue 
  • A qualified and credible Safety Inspector
  • Written inspection reports
  • Collective bargaining
  • Remediation to be paid to families of deceased workers from fire

    *Click headings to see detailed documents 

The Alliance

  • Board of Directors (Not specified who is in it) 
  • Oversight and Accountability (Implemented by the misc board of directors) 
  • Public reporting (again written by this unknown board of directors) 
  • Board of Advisers (The reserve the right to allow a group to form that can communicate with the Accord)
  • Worker Empowerment (A "hotline" for factory workers to call and report mistreatment - (Or possible a facility to add vocal workers to their blacklists?) 
  • Worker Participation Committees (subject to Bangladesh law - 10% of Corrupt factory owners hold pivotal roles in Bangladesh government) 
  • Spot auditing (Auditing is currently always known beforehand by factory owners) 

Not-so Fun Facts About Bangladesh 

  • 10% of factory owners work in the Bangladesh government

  • Between 2003 - 2013 1800 people have died in factory fires and collapses 

  • Minimum wage for a garment worker in Bangladesh was $38/month - just raised to $68/month

  • Bangladesh has over 5000 factories - less than 200 are unionized and less than 20 have collective bargaining rights 

The Contesthow-to-create-a-successful-twitter_contest

 Tweet your cleverest,  wittiest, tweets to the following companies about why they should sign the Accord for Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh

 Make sure to hashtag #SignTheAccord and leave a comment with your twitter name! 


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