Non-GMO pledge skyrockets Chipotle’s shares

Chipotle has made a bold move in the heath conscious consumer movement that has only furthered the comparative advantage of providing non-GMO related products to the public. They've included on their online menu a labelling system that indicates which items don't include genetically modified ingredients. 

Why only some ingredients? 

To put it simply: availability. Chipotle expresses this so well (on their menu!)

"While we are striving to eliminate GMOs from our supply chain, there is currently not a viable supply of responsibly raised meats and dairy from animals raised without GMO feed." 

Personally I don't really know what the damaging properties of GMO's are. For all I know they're turning me into a superhero, or maybe slowing killing me, or perhaps nothing at all. 

From an economic standpoint, GMO's are used to monopolize the agricultural sector by companies like Monsanto. 

Aside from that, Chipotle's decision to sacrifice a portion of their profits to take a chance in an assumed 'unprofitable' social capital direction has produced fantastic results. This shows us that there is a demand for environmentally conscious products, and that there is a starvation amongst the public for companies that actually give a shit about anything other than reduce cost, increase profits. This is going to show other business that it's okay to let go of traditional business models. People, Plant, Profit is the future, get on board before it's too late. 

Additionally, Chipotle is fighting corporate agriculture through gamifying ! 


Good for you Chipotle! Viva la taco revolution. 


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