Has the occupy movement been occupying your thoughts lately? 

Here's is my three to four... maybe five click solution to becoming a genuine occupy advocate

Step 1: Log into Facebook

Step 2. Look at your social adds

Facebook social ads are those little flashy advertisements you see on the right bar of your facebook page. I know it’s not just me… I’m sure at some point in your alternative Facebook life you’ve wondered “Oh my God!?? How did Facebook know I was looking for crotch-less panties and maps to movie stars homes?” It’s because of Social Ads. Basically, companies can limit their advertisements to very specific demographics so that they can measure how many people actually care about their product. They do this through your Facebook interests; by way of… what kind of music you like, what movie stars you would do… how many people in the world have an interest in exotic short haired cats, things like that.

Well we can use this marketing machine to our advantage to create some form of consumer control in the market place

So here’s the game plan…

Step 3. Delete you Facebook interests!

Step 4. Replace tangible market products with ideas

like say… “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” with concepts like “Fair trade” and that brings us to:

Step 5. Watch what happens to your Facebook advertisement feed.

It’s doesn’t necessarily have to be fair trade… it’s whatever you feel disenfranchised by… gay right, systemic racism in government, abortion, you want to marry your cat… whatever.

This will create a direct link between your actions, and the marketing departments of corporations. Essentially people want to create measureable tangible reflections of what the 99% want and this is one way to get it.