The Project

The Project

The Corporate Conscience Project is a compendium of business’s that are attempting to integrate social capital into their business model. Some are lost, some are learning, some are ground breaking, and some are falsely projecting, but the point is; this business trend is not going away.

Evolution not Revolution

Social justice movements  never just happen.  Movements take time, patience, pressure, consistency, involvement and passionate individuals that care about subjects greater than themselves, their money, and their time.

This blog is my way of celebrating and monitoring this evolution, a platform to advocate for the sustainability of our resources and for the fair and just treatment of everyone along the production chain. It is also a place to learn and to teach each other about the various topics circling our cultures.

 My focus is on business.  I target retailers, producers and consumers and evaluate their role and responsibility to the stakeholders they influence in an attempt to offer insight on our achievements and our shortcomings.